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Hi Jeremy,

I just ordered and wanted to say thank you. What you're offering is far more valuable than the low price you're charging for the Gold Membership. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I will recommend Mind Map To Riches to all my subscribers and partners.

John Karnish

Dear Jeremy,
Nice doing!
This book is like Tai Chi.
It gets you stronger, more flexible and much more aware of what you are, the surroundings and where you might go, if you want to.

So simple and yet so powerful!
Best wishes,

Paulo Teller

I took some time the other day to read your report. I really enjoyed it. In fact, I wrote down my ideal customer, vision and mission -- something I've not done before for my own business (and I refer to it daily).

It's one of those experiences that I have a difficult time putting into words. I've been in business for several years, and have been fairly successful by my own standards, but your report brought a new level of focused intention behind what I do when I'm sitting at my desk. That is definitely a welcome approach.

Deanna Reynolds

I feel it's absolutely necessary for people to read something like this so they can get back in touch with their real selves. As we grow older, we get set in our ways and forget such things as "those feelings you get in your gut". We've thrown away our naturalness of being and have become soldiers of life. We need to get back the feeling of value, ourselves.

lynne didion

Taking MASSIVE Action is the first step in creating MASSIVE Results.

The problem for most people is in the getting started phase when it comes to making money. Jeremy G's Mind Map To Riches is a must have resource if you are still sitting in that getting started phase on your road to riches.

I have been running my Internet marketing business for 7 years now so I have clearly made it well past the getting started phase, but even with my experience I realized many areas of my business that could be greatly improved after going through this incredible program!

I have little doubt I could have cut my trip to success in half with a copy of Mind Map To Riches in my hands when I was first starting out!

Trust me, I do not say this lightly- in fact I think I have given out 5 testimonials ever! This is truly a product that you must have if you are at all serious in your business.

Mind Map To Riches is a "Must Have, Mission Critical Tool" Get a copy RIGHT NOW!

Jeremy Burns

Hi Jeremy

I've been a fan of mind maps for a while (I use mindmeister.com) and liked your overview. I find it really useful to see everything represented in summary in one visual take.

Have just scanned your first PDF and am already thinking about what success means to me. Work being fun for one, for myself and those I work with, and being able to bring something of value to those I work and spend time with.

Looking forward to working through the whole project.


Stephen Haran

I am a skeptic with this kind of thing but operate by the try it anyway and see what you learn. So, I did and I am glad I did.

By the end of chapter one I was already beginning to tweak a few ideals and concepts I've been working on. That in itself pays for the time spent and will be spent working through each chapter.

As you know the first time through is only a starting point. I can't wait to finish and restart the process again where the real changes begin to take place.

Rich Naran

Hi Jeremy,


I've really enjoyed what you've put together...

Initially I thought MindMapping was all just a waste of time for those that couldn't focus or were just plain too lazy. But now after carefully reviewing it, I've discovered its so much MORE than that!

Whatever you do, DON'T dismiss this as some "airy fairy" b.s stuff - like I almost did. Your program has opened my mind to many new challenges plus reminded me of many things I'd forgotten...

Do yourself a HUGE favour and get this today!!

Best wishes...


James Brown

Hi Jeremy,

I've learned to listen to my gut feelings. They have served me well over the years. Today, I subscribed 1 year as a Gold Member to "Mindmap To Riches" simply because my gut tells me "What Jeremy has to share, I need to hear".

Although I have invested a tremendous amount of time and money on my personal development, I'm due for a refresher. As a coach and mentor to many who trust and follow me, I understand the importance of ensuring I too am supported and empowered to be the best that I can be.

So I just wanted to thank you for providing the kind of information and mentoring that is available to support me to take what I do to the next level.

Be well, Be Great, Be Who You Are!

Pierre Newell

With time (I have 14 years of experience in offline / online marketing) I have found that the reason why most people never take action or simply fail is they don't know where they want to go.

They are stuck with information overload and tons of cool tools...but they don't know what to do with them, or to be rude, they are happy playing with them and trying them all to stay in the confort zone of procrastination.

Talk about an entrepreneur mindset! With the wrong mindset and no vision no one can build a business and since there's nowhere to go, well, they go nowhere. That simple.

Now Mindmap to riches, not only explores the insights of the entrepreneur mindset, but it gives you a clear Vision of the steps (your roadmap) you should follow to put yourself into the successful entrepreneur mindset you want to be, and to stop leaving it up to chance.

Most people think that having a vision and then a strategy is for big corporations with tons of employees. It cannot be more wrong and that's why they fail. You should even have a vision for everything not business related. And Mindmap to Riches could change your life by opening your eyes to this concept.

Before learning the latest SEO or article marketing tips and tricks, you need to understand who you are and where you want you and your business to go and how to design an effective roadmap to get there.

This is what Jeremy's Mindmap To Riches is all about.

JP Schoeffel

Totally inspiring! I'm really impressed at the way that you use your experience to break big tasks into small manageable chunks. You make it all very do-able.

Mike Spurgeon

Finally - someone has stepped up and revealed the real truth, insights and ROADMAP for making big money online.

I've been online since 1995 and on my journey from newbie to million I've read thousands of ebooks, courses and training materials but it's fair to say that Jeremy's MindMap to Riches series is at the top of the pile.

Not only do you show people WHAT they need to do to rapidly create their own online empire, you also take them by the hand and show them HOW to do it. You leave no stone un-turned and make the sometimes difficult task of bringing in large profits simply a case of joining the dots.

Anyone wanting to make money online needs to own, devour and worship these books. If you get these books and follow the simple steps there's no reason why you can' be massively successful online and have your own hands-free income coming in, fast.

A massive congratulations to you Jeremy for creating an instant classic that is both high value and high octane and will get readers high level earnings as a result. 10 out of 10!

Michael Cheney

Hi Jeremy,

I would just like to take this opportunity to say thanks for introducing me to MindMapRiches.com

Before I came to this site I was lost in all the info I had obtained over the past couple of years. Without realising it, I had no direction and know idea of what I wanted. I was just jumping from one thing to another and wondering why I wasn't earning much!

Now things are different, I have a map, goals and know exactly where I want to be and how to get there.


Tony Gibson

If you want to be rich, successful and happy - it all starts with yourself first. If you don't believe in yourself, nothing will happen.

Mindset is perhaps the MOST important element in achieving financial freedom but hardly anyone talks about it!

"Mindmap to Riches" is a long time coming - but it's not too late for you. Get it, read it, apply it...your life will change.

Ewen Chia

You'll find a quote inside this book that most people can apply to their lives - it says "We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision." And while you may have a passion for business and a burning desire to be successful those two alone are rarely ever enough to give you the ability to live your life on your terms, to make a difference, or to be truly happy.

Financial success doesn't guarantee to create a rewarding life, in fact for many, it brings poverty of the soul but you'll discover the secrets to creating the right balance in these pages...

... Yes "Mind Map to Riches" offers a clear plan to achieving huge financial rewards but it does it with a conscience, and with great thought to your ultimate wellbeing and happiness - Take some time to read this book - because frankly your life depends on it.

Simon Hodgkinson

As a 34 year serial entrepreneur I have found the first ebook Mindmap to Riches VERY informative and very good review for my new business ventures.

I told my new mentorees about it and said they MUST read it!

Hugh Simpson

Hey Jeremy,

I've always had a lot of respect for you and the way you conduct your business.

In fast as one of your affiliates you've always paid me on time and bent over backwards to help me out.

Your new ebook series definitely helps reveal the *core* secrets of running a million dollar business and is very step by step.

I think people will get a TON of useful information out of it.

Andrew Fox

If there's one thing I see day in and day out is that too many
people go into business online without a real plan. Your new
book is what I'll be telling them to download. It gives them the
roadmap they need for long-term financial security online.

Jim Daniels

Jeremy, I always appreciate everything you offer but I must say that your "Mindmap to Riches" series are GEMS indeed.

In fact I'd suggest them as a necessary reading to all aspiring marketers and also to professionals, and I must say that you find me fully aligned to what you suggest inside.

Added to the "to-read" list for my mentorees!

Well-well done indeed Jeremy

John Delavera

When people ask me what the 'secret' to my success is I tell them the answer is simple...While having the right tools, resources and contections are important I'd say THE MOST important thing any ntreprenuer needs to have is the 'Right Mindset'.

Once you have your mindset focused on success, everything else will follow. Call it the law of atraction or positive thinking or whatever you want to call it but I call it 'Thinking Like a Millionaire' and that is exactly what the new Mindmap to Riches series will teach you.

I have added this to my own library of must have books and I recommend you do the same.

Run, don't walk and make sure you get your copy today!

Michael Rasmussen

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